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Nexgard vs Frontline | The Ultimate Tick & Flea Treatment

Let’s face it, one of the worst parts about dog ownership is dealing with the critters they drag in, especially when it comes to fleas and ticks. Quick Navigation Nexgard vs Frontline: A ReviewNexGard IngredientsNexGard PriceNexGard Side EffectsHow fast does NexGard work?NexGard: Pros and ConsFrontline IngredientsFrontline PriceFrontline Side EffectsHow fast does Frontline work?Frontline Pros and […]

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Indoor Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

Dogs can be funny sometimes, and I don’t just mean when they chase their tails, sometimes they have odd dog behaviors that can appear out of nowhere. Understanding their dog behaviors may mean that you will need to talk to a veterinarian, or perhaps research the cause of their actions online. But before you can do […]

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The Office Dog | An Ultimate Guide To Dogs In The Workplace

According to the 2017 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 11% of pet owners now enjoy a pet friendly workplace, up from just 8% in 2014. Quick Navigation The Office Dog | Benefits of a Dog Friendly OfficeGeneral Positive Health Benefits of Dogs Work-Life BalanceBoosted Moral At Work Higher Productivity LevelsLower Stress Levels […]

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Why You Look Like Your Dog

Ever think that you look like your furry friend? You may have some scientific evidence to back you up. Current research shows that people tend to choose dogs that share their physical characteristics over dogs that look vastly different from them. If an owner has a large nose, they might choose a long snouted pup. Factors as […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Service, Emotional Support & Therapy Dogs

According to government statistics,  43 million Americans have a mental or physical disability. As many as 4,000 service dogs are placed annually to help the disabled hear, see, and assist with mobility and motor function. Quick Navigation What is the difference between a service dog, an emotional support dog, and a therapy dog?Service DogEmotional Support […]

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Wiley Pup Spotlight: The Kris Kelly Foundation

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our canine companions, we here at Wiley Pup want to give a shout out to The Kris Kelly Foundation, an animal welfare group founded by Kris Kelly and serving the greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas. The Kris Kelly Foundation implements a multipronged approach to serve […]

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Why Adopt a Shelter Dog? 20 Astonishing Shelter Dog Facts

Here at WileyPup, we are committed to providing well researched informational articles to help dog lovers make important decisions about their beloved canine companions. This article will provide a look at one of the biggest life decisions many folks will make: Quick Navigation By the Numbers: Helpful Statistics1. There Are About 3,500 Shelters in the U.S.2. […]

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10 Keys Ways to Prevent Canine Heat Stroke | Dog Days

Pets can be sensitive to extreme temperatures, and heat is just as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans–sometimes more so, since their internal cooling systems aren’t as robust.How do you know your pet is having a heat stroke? You’ll notice things like heavy panting and a racing heartbeat, extreme thirst, lethargy, lightheadedness, and/or […]

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