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Daily Dog Exercise Needs | PLUS 13 Outdoor & Indoor Exercise Ideas That Will Transform Your Dog

As of 2016 over 50% of dogs in the US are overweight (more on this below). This means that the importance of exercise for dogs cannot be overstated. Like humans, obesity is associated with a variety of negative health outcomes such as:HypertensionLiver diseaseCompromised immunityIncreased cancer riskDamage to joints and bonesIncreased risk of injuryDiabetesDigestive disordersDecreased quality of […]

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15 Research Backed Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

Is this fur ball that follows me around like a shadow, constantly looking at me with those puppy dog eyes no matter what age they are, really that healthy for me? Routine situations like leaving them at home is an everyday mini heartbreak.Don’t even start us on holidays where we try and think of any […]

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Pedialyte For Dogs | Fast Acting Re-Hydration

Is your dog refusing to drink or suffering from stomach issues like vomiting or diarrhea? Do you suspect your dog is dehydrated? One possible solution to preventing or reversing dehydration in your furry friend is Pedialyte. It is a great and safe product to use to help your dog deal with dehydration, although it is recommended […]

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My Dog Wont Drink Water | We Explore Reasons Why

If your dog wont drink water then you should call your vet if it has been going on for more than 24 hours, or if it is accompanied with any other symptoms such as:VomitingDiarrheaRefusal to eatLethargyPantingExcessive droolingDark or cloudy urine, or trouble urinatingSigns of abdominal discomfortAny other unusual behaviorThere are many reasons why canines may […]

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German Shepherd Barking | Essential Tips & Advice

Do you have a German Shepherd barking excessively? Then this guide will help you address that problem. We will explore different potential causes and then offer specific training advice for each case. In addition, we will recommend some great books and toys so you can follow up with more in-depth information from reliable sources and find the […]

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Zyrtec For Dogs | Canine Safety Info

Zyrtec is an over the counter antihistamine developed for use in humans to treat the symptoms of allergies. However, veterinarians often prescribe it for dogs suffering from skin conditions caused by allergies, as it is generally considered safe and moderately effective for most canines. Before administering this or any other medication to your pup, you should consult […]

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Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet? Canine Licking Explored

At first it was funny and cute, then it got weird, and now it is obnoxious. You’re asking yourself, “why is my dog licking my feet?”. We’ll explain why and how can you make them stop? First, let’s look at some common theories about why some dogs lick tootsies. Then we will suggest some training techniques for stopping […]

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