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Best Leather Dog Collars | Buy Quality & Buy Once

Leather Dog Collars | The Ultimate Buyers GuideIf you buy quality, you only buy once.  There must be truth behind the saying, as where there’s smoke there’s fire right? Leather dog collars just have a look and feel that manage to convey a timeless style. And, unlike nylon collars, they are built to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, […]

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Best Collars for Pitbulls | Perfect For Your Bully

Pitbull Collars | The Ultimate Bully Breed AccessoryAre you a Pitbull lover? Then you already know their good looks, giant smiles, and big personalities make them the star of the show wherever they go. Pits are also powerful dogs that are a little notorious for trying to slip the lead to go after small prey while […]

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Dog Boots For Pups | Something Fun!!!

It’s the middle of winter and the conditions are freezing! It’s cold and it’s wet and you’re about to head off for a days work.  You look outside and there’s snow and ice everywhere, is there anyway you’d be going outside without your works boots on? No way! Then you look down at your furry best friend. He comes […]

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Toby Wins DWAA Best Children’s Book!

WileyPup is excited to announce that Toby, by Hazel Mitchell has won the 2017 Best Children’s Book category from the Dog Writers Association of America! An upcoming awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of the annual DWAA awards will take place on February 10, 2018 at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. The banquet will feature keynote […]

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Best Washable Dog Bed | Wash & Zip Odor Free

If you look over in the corner of your living room, do you see a big pile of fur barely concealing a worn-out dog bed? It is probably time for a new place for your pup to snooze! OUR #1 PICK The best value for moneyOrthoComfort Deep Dish CuddlerThe ideal bed for larger dogs is […]

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