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Blue Heeler Lab Mix | Discover The Labraheeler

One of the more interesting designer dog breeds to surface in the last decade is the Labrador Retriever and Blue Heeler hybrid. This crossbreed has some unique characteristics that makes it a good choice for active families, farms and ranches.This guide takes an in depth look at the Lab and Blue Heeler mix, followed by […]

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Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix | Meet The ACD x GSD

What happens when you breed a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) to a Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog (ACD)?You end up with a powerful working dog that is intelligent, determined, and dedicated to whatever role they are assigned.The lowdown…This guide gives an in depth look at this crossbreed, followed by detailed information […]

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Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Mix | The Texas Heeler

The Texas Heeler is a hybrid dog that is bred by crossing a Blue Heeler (a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog or ACD) with an Australian Shepherd (or Aussie).Did you know?They’re a popular hybrid dog in the state of Texas, this breed is coveted by farmers, ranchers and others that enjoy rural living and outdoor adventure.We will […]

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Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix | Crazy Smart Workaholics

​The Border Heeler hybrid combines two of the hardest working dog breeds in the world: the Border Collie and the Blue Heeler (also known as the Australian Cattle Dog).Did you know?This combination has become somewhat popular in various dog sports lately, sparking some interest among dog enthusiasts. Here at WileyPup, we want you to have […]

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The American Akita | A Great Dog For The Right Person

​This article offers a comprehensive review of the American Akita breed. This breed is known for its loyal and courageous disposition, stunning and regal good looks, and big personality.However…It is not a great choice for everyone. In fact, they can be a very poor choice in some cases. If you are considering buying an American […]

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Miniature Husky | Discover This Mysterious Breed

You might be wondering….. What on earth is a Miniature Husky?Long a popular breed of dog, the Siberian Husky has recently had a remodel. Read on! Quick Navigation Miniature HuskyHistoryTemperamentSizeCoat & AppearanceHealth & Life ExpectancyOverall Pro’s & Con’sDifference Between Miniature Huskies & Alaskan Klee KaiNot for you? The Siberian Husky has long been a favorite canine […]

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Rottsky | Discover the Rottweiler & Husky Mix

Ever wondered what happens when a Rottweiler makes love to a Husky?Read on Hoomans…A popular hybrid dog these days is the Rottsky, a mix of Siberian Husky and Rottweiler parents. Many of these furry friends have striking good looks and winning personalities.So what’s the real story?As with all hybrid dogs, you can expect variations in […]

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Brindle Lab | Essential Breed Information

The brindle coloration in dogs is a beautiful coat with alternating light and dark stripes in a variety of color combinations. Brindles are common in breeds such as Boxers, Bulldogs and Greyhounds.This color pattern can be very striking! What About Labrador Retrievers?The Labrador Retriever has been ranked the most popular dog in the United States […]

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Non Shedding Dogs | 15 Most Practical Breeds

Non shedding canines actually do not exist if you want to be a purist. In fact, all mammals shed to some extent, including humans. However, there is a difference between fur and hair in regards to the amount of shedding. Quick Navigation The Truth… Low Shedding DogsNon Shedding Dogs And The Hypoallergenic MythDogs That Don’t […]

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