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Here at Wiley Pup we know you often have to soldier through far too many uninformative/uninteresting sites until you eventually land on the amazing ones! As avid dog blog readers, we would like to help you with that...

Below we've highlighted our favorite dog blogs that are MUST FOLLOW!

Please Note: The blogs featured here are in no particular order, we're fans of all of them!

The Bark is the magazine of modern dog culture, it speaks to the serious dog enthusiast. The Bark is the indispensable guide to life with dogs, showing readers how to live smartly and rewardingly with their canine companions.

Life With Dogs TV

Life With Dogs TV

Life With Dogs mission is to fetch the most interesting and relevant dog news and video for their followers consumption, this is when they're not busy creating goofy cartoons and Photoshopped dog fun, or starting a thought provoking debate on our active fan page.

I Heart Dogs

I Heart Dogs is brilliant creation of Justin Palmer and inspiration behind it all is Splash a Siberian Rescue dog. I Heart dogs is a great one stop shop for everything dogs, shop for essential dog products, learn about breeds and other informational topics or interact with other dog lovers all over the globe.

Patricia McConnell

Patricia McConnell enriches the lives of thousands of dog lovers around around the world through ongoing inquiry about canine behavior. Follow the adventures of Patricia (2 legs), Willie, Maggie, & Tootsie (4 legs), and a very spoiled flock of sheep.

Dog Tipper

Dog Tipper is owned and run by a power couple of the dog world, Paris Permenter & John Bigley. They help travelers interested in traveling with their dogs, without their dogs, and helping homeless pets wherever they may travel.

Blog Paws

Blog Paws focuses on teaching pet enthusiasts, pet bloggers and all pet parents how to use social media effectively and responsibly. Their dedicated team works year round to connect bloggers and micro-bloggers to the brands they buy every day

Go Pet Friendly

Go Pet Friendly is the creation of the hugely talented Amy Burkert and is aimed at proving information and advice to make pet travel easy for everyone! They've collated huge amounts of information from campgrounds, hotels, pet policies, dog parks, dog beaches. You want to know where you can take your dogs, this site probably has the answer!

Fido Friendly

Fido Friendly is already established as one of the best dog magazines out there, however their online blog is also amazing! Covering everything from travel, health & fitness, product reviews, this is where you should be going if you can't wait for their bi monthly magazine!

Dog Milk

Dog Milk is a website dedicated to modern dog design, inspired by Jaime Derringer’s love for dogs. She felt that there needed to be a place where modern dog lovers can discover new products and sniff out what’s beyond the chain pet stores and she definitely has some amazing taste!

Fidose of Reality

Fidose of Reality is a health and wellness resource for today’s modern pet parent who goes above and beyond for their dogs. Created by 'dog lover of the highest order' Carol Bryant. This is one blog you shouldn't miss!

The Dog Training Secret

The Dog Training secret aims to help solve dog behavior issues and create a better and lasting bond with pooches everywhere. Behind the scenes are a team of dog training professionals who are eager to help enrich the lives of dogs and paw parents everywhere.

Golden Woofs/Sugar The Golden Retriever

Sugar The Golden Retriever/Golden Woofs is a fun loving blog by the talented Rosalyn. Delve into your happy place and read all about this pack of fun loving creatures who love to cook play and have fun on a daily basis!!!

You Did What With Your Weiner

You Did What Wirh Your Weiner features Jessica and her two adventurous Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel. They love hiking, paddleboarding, camping, traveling, staying healthy, and enjoying life. Very awesome blog!!!

That Mutt

That Mutt is a creation by the super talented Lindsay Stordahl. It's a site for dog lovers who live in the real world! This blog diverges from the mainstream so if you are open to different training methods and always willing to LEARN from others, then this is the blog for you!

Eileen And Dogs

Eileen and Dogs is the creation of the super intelligent Eileen Anderson . She uses her immense knowledge and education of all things dogs to create a blog for all pet enthusiasts, pet bloggers and pet parents. This blog provides great information as well as great tales about her own amazing dogs, both past and present!

Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dogs Rock started with an abandoned deaf boxer pup named Nitro. Since then Christina and her family have grown the company into an amazing non for profit organisation. Their mission is to promote the care and well being of deaf dogs everywhere.

Dog Food Insider

Dog Food Insider is the creation of the multi talented Mike Rogers. Mike's years of research and life experience made him come up with a simple yet important question, "If HUMAN food is that bad, what on Earth are they doing to PET FOOD?" Follow his blog to provide the right nutrition for your dog!

Pawsitively Pets

Pawsitively Pets is the brainchild of the amazing Ann Staub. Winning numerous awards the blog is dedicated to all things animal. The blog is enriched with beautiful photographs and fun videos as well an providing invaluable info on not just dogs but how the interact with other animals too!

Keep The Tail Wagging

Keep The Tail Wagging is the creation of the super talented Kimberley Gauthier as a result of endless research into raw food for dogs and the benefits they give pups in contrast to traditional pet foods. A must follow for all those sensitive dog owners!

My Brown Newfies

After almost a decades work a vet tech, Jennifer Costello decided to share her immense knowledge and love for dogs to create My Brown Newfies. My Brown Newfies is a personal pet/lifesyle blog about dogs, pet health, pet products, family, and totally crazy stories that only seem to ever happen to Jen and her dogs.

Puppy In Training

Puppy In Training creator Colby uses his 10+ years experience with all types of dogs and puppies to help his readers with common puppy training problems. With years of experience raising guide dogs, he know what he's talking about people!!!

Oh My Dog Blog

Oh My Dog Blog is the creation of the talented Maggie Marton.  You’ll find a range of dog related topics, including stories about her pups, reviews, DIY pup projects, training tips, and more. Maggie's core values, which transcends into her blog, are Compassion, Service, Passion, Community and Eco Consciousnesses. A must follow!!!  

And A Small Dog

Dog Games is the creation of the multi talented Leila Coe and is dedicated to providing accurate travel advice and information for you and your dog! You can rest easy knowing that Leila can provide the service you need to travel with your best friends!

Kolchak Puggle

kolchak Puggle is a really cool and informative dog blog where a number of great topics are covered in depth, providing invaluable information. If you're after dog treat recipes, craft/DIY, health and fitness, and training tips then this blog is a must!

Ammo The Dachshund

Ammo The Dachshund is the amazing blog by Kylie and Mike. They love sharing their adventures in the hopes of bringing a little happy (and a whole lot of tail wagging) to this world. Adventure awaits around every corner, and they're thrilled to get to share theirs with their readers! Check out Kylie's other awesome site too!

The Modern Dog Trainer

The Modern Dog Trainer is the creation of the super intelligent Ines McNeil who uses her immense experience with dogs couples with her education to help dog trainers and owners learn about and use modern business practices to grow their dog training businesses, reach more dog owners, and help more dogs by providing business development and marketing tips.  

My GBGV Life

My GBGV Life is the creation of Debucher Baguette or she prefers to be called, simply Emma. Emma is crazy talented, even writing her own books. Her Blog is all about fun, keeping dogs fit, eating healthy, and so many other useful dog topics.

Wag The Dog UK

Wag The Dog UK is the brain child of Trina Cooper and is about Maggie the Beagle who loves all things dog! They've been lucky to travel to many wagging places around the world and want to share with dog lovers some great stories, tips and a few recipes too.

Small Dog Place

Small Dog Place is the creation of Janice Jones. Janice and her amazing team/family add a different perspective to the world of small dogs with their knowledge and experience acquired through a life time of living with, loving, and learning about small dogs.

Dog Mom Days

Amanda is the extremely talented creator of Dog Mom Days. Dog Mom Days doesn't just share the amazing journey of Amanda, her husband Matt and her 6 rescue animals, Joey, Sadie, Wynston, Khloee, McKenzie Rae and Leila but also provides readers with great information that is helpful for pet parenthood

Pampered Dog Blog

Pampered Dog Blog is a unique blog not like many others we're used to reading. There are articles about pampering your dog, to dog health concerns, pet stories and many more. 

From The Dogs Paw

From the Dogs Paw is a really cool blog created by Allen Pearson and his best 4 legged mate Noah. The blog is about everything dog and cat adoption, news stories, successful adoption stories, product reviews, humorous stories and antics of a fun loving, adventure loving, intelligent, smart dog and his human

Grouchy Puppy

Grouchy Puppy is the brainchild of the talented Sharon Castellanos and is about showing how the positive influence of the human-animal bond is demonstrated by dogs and those who love them. It's purpose is to elevate the conversation about dog adoption and senior dogs, and to influence, and change tired, antiquated beliefs.

Dog Lovers Post

Dog Lovers Post is a great blog where you’ll find a range of dog related topics, including stories dog stories, reviews, projects, training tips, and more. A great everyday blog and a must follow for all dog enthusiasts!

Dog Training Nation

Dog Training Nation is a community of dog trainers, dog owners and dog lovers. Our mission is to provide trainers and owners valuable information to enrich dogs’ lives. Fanna Easter is the lead contributor and does a fantastic job at making a whole range of interesting topics are covered.

The Cross Over Trainer

The Cross Over Trainer is a really insightful blog created by Ines Gaschot and Bev Mashs. The blog provides a lot of amazing information into positive reinforcement dog training and does so in a personable, curious, friendly and honest manner. No judgement or criticism here!

Little Dog Tips

Little Dog Tips is the creation of the talented Lindsay Pevny who uses her vast knowledge and experience in dog training and methods to help others understand and implement 'positive training'. Other info on dog related topics, including stories, reviews and training tips included.

We Care For Dogs

We Care For Dogs is an amazing blogs where a lot of information and knowledge from dog experts (dog trainers, veterinarians, dog breeders and pet shop owners) are shared with readers to help them on their journey with their 4 legged friends.

The Three Dog Blog

The Three Dog Blog follows the life of Fay, Jet, Daisy and their human through their adventures around the Catalan countryside. The three pups are always up to mischief making this blog hilarious. There's also valuable information on dog health and training tips making this one a must follow!

Corgi Things

Do suffer from Obsessive Corgi Disorder? Well so does Connie, the mastermind of Corgi Things. One day she thought, “How corgtastic would it be if there was a giant corgi store for crazy corgi people like me?” and thus, Corgi Things was born.

Sharon Elber (M.S. in Science & Technology) - Professional Dog Trainer

Sharon is a writer and received her M.S. in Science & Technology Studies from Virginia Tech and has worked as a professional dog trainer for over 10 years.

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