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Harnesses, Collars & Leashes

We are dog gear fanatics here at Wileypup. With active dogs of our own, we know that the right collars, harnesses, and leashes not only add style to our daily walks, they can also add important utility and function. 

One of the problems with online shopping is that you can’t always tell if a product is well made, or if it is cheap and flimsy. There is an important difference! Not only do cheap products need to be replaced sooner, costing more in the long run, they can also break at the most unfortunate times, causing real safety concerns. 

That being said, dog gear also has to look good and feel good in the hand. Plus, it has to serve its function well, whether that is training your dog to stop pulling, helping her carry some weight on the trail, or providing extra support for certain breeds or senior dogs that have mobility issues. 

Whether you are looking to shop on a budget or find a leash, collar, or harness that will last a lifetime, you have come to the right place! 

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