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At the time of writing this there are hundreds of different harnesses that are available on the market. Some good, some bad, some average and some great. 

Some for small dogs, average dogs, big dogs and spoiled dogs.

Here at WileyPup.com, we like to consider the special needs of some of the most popular breeds.

 In this article we will review a very important piece of equipment for owners of Dachshunds: the harness.


Chai's Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

The best value for money

Chai's Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

This harness gets our vote because of it's multi purpose use. It's made of quality material that provides extra support along the back (much needed for Dachhunds), as well as a handle that enables quick and safe lifting for any situation. The padded straps make it super comfortable, helping to avoid skin irritations.

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Dachshund Harness - Summary






Chai's Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Chai's Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

  • Front and back attachment points
  • Fully adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Mesh lined padding for support and long term wear
Red Dingo Designer Cosmos Dog Harness

Red Dingo Dog Harness

  • Fully adjustable in every direction
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Lightweight, perfect for active dogs in warm weather
Voyager Mesh Dog Harness

Best Supplies Voyager Mesh Dog Harness

  • Outstanding price point
  • Lightweight, soft mesh lined design is a great choice for warm weather and all-day wear
  • Fast Velcro fitting strip for a snug, escape proof, hugging vest
Noxgear LightHound LED Illuminated & Reflective Dog Harness

Noxgear LightHound Illuminated LED & Reflective Harness

  • Extreme visibility, even from a distance
  • One of the few lighted harnesses made for small and toy breeds
  • Machine washable
Doggie Design American River Dog Tux Harness

Doggy Design American River Dog Tux Harness

  • Adorable design to get your pooch plenty of attention
  • Snug fit for full support and a choke free design
  • Escape proof design

The low down...

First, we will look at the medical reasons why every Doxie owner should consider a harness over a plain collar for walking their dog. Then we will give you some important information on sizing so that you can make the right purchase for your buddy. We also offer some brief training advice to make the transition to a harness an easy one.

IVDD & Dachshunds: Why A Harness Is A Safer Choice For Your Weiner Dog

Fun Fact.

Dachshunds are one of several dwarf breeds of dogs. (The scientific name for dwarf dog breeds is chondrodystrophic.) Some other dwarf canines include French Bulldogs, Pekingese, Basset Hounds, Beagles, and Corgis.

Did you know?

Dwarf breeds are not just small, they also share some congenital problems associated with the development and aging of the spine. In particular, they are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). This is a degenerative disease that can cause herniated discs that can lead to extreme pain and even paralysis.


 IVDD is hereditary, and there is nothing you can do to prevent your Doxie from having it other than doing your homework to buy from responsible breeders. Even then, there is a moderate chance that your Dachshund may have this congenital health problem.

Here's the deal!

IVDD can make your Dachshund more vulnerable to spinal injuries, and injuries can then exacerbate the problem and degeneration if a disc becomes herniated or ruptured. It is for this reason that veterinarians caution Doxie owners to take the following precautions:

  • Limit or eliminate jumping on and off furniture, stairs, and in and out of vehicles.
  • Avoid vigorous games of tug-o-war or strenuous rough housing with other dogs or people.
  • Keep weight down to avoid excess strain on the back.
  • Regular low impact exercise to strengthen back muscles, slower disc calcification, and support overall health.
  • Maintain a healthy diet that includes all of the vital nutrition for smaller dogs.
  • Use a well fitted dog harness instead of a plain collar to minimize the risk of neck and spine injuries from pulling on walks.

Finding the right dog harness for your Dachshund is an important way to support their overall health and well-being. They help distribute pressure from pulling more evenly over your dog’s body which reduces pressure on the neck and spine.

Harness Sizing: How To Get A Good Fit For Your Hot Dog

Before you decide on a harness for your Dachshund, you should take a few key measurements. A tape measure works best. If you do not have a tape measure, use a piece of string around the areas you need to measure, then compare it to a rigid ruler to get your measurement.

​Chest Measurement
To measure your dog’s chest, find the widest part of the chest, usually a few inches behind the front legs. Make sure your measuring tape is flat and snug but not tight for the most accurate measurement.

Neck Measurement
Again, keeping your measuring tape flat and snug, measure around the neck near the base for the most accurate measurement.

Depending on the design of the harness you choose, you will need one or both of these measurements to find the right fit for your little canine. If you have to choose between two sizes, choose the size that has your measurements closest to the middle of the range.

All dog harnesses can be adjusted using one to three straps. Luckily, you will only have to fuss with the sizing once if your dog is full grown. Most operate with clips that are independent of the sliders that size the straps. Take the time to get the size right so that your K9 is comfortable, safe and supported in their new harness.

You know your Dachshund’s harness is fitting well when you can comfortably slide a finger between your pal and the straps. Since your dog’s chest will expand with heavy breathing from exercise, this method will ensure your dog has plenty of breathing room.

If you make the harness too loose for your Wiener Dog, it may cause chaffing, or worse, your buddy may be able to slip out, which could lead to a dangerous situation.

Most Doxie’s are between 12”-17” in chest girth, so we have chosen only harnesses that are available over that range for our list of the best harnesses for Dachshunds. We have included sizing information with our reviews to help you decide which is best for you.

Training Tips: Making The Harness Fun

If you have never used a harness on your dog before, you will want to be sure to make it a positive experience. Here are a few tips to make sure you start off on the right paw with your new harness:

  1. Start by rewarding your dog for just being close to the harness, slowly raising the bar until the it's is on.
  2. Give your Dachshund a chance to get used to having the harness on in the house without the leash for a while before going on that first walk.
  3. Put the harness on inside and play some fun games so your dog will associate it with fun.
  4. Do not leave your pup in the harness unattended at first. Until they are used to the feel of it, they are likely to try to chew it off.
  5. Keep an eye out for any chaffing. Every dog’s body is a little different, so finding the right design for their body can be a trial and error process. If you are noticing lost fur or abrasions after using the harness, try a different style.

Overall Best Dachshund Harness

Chai's Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

Chai's Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

When it comes to our all around pick for the best harness for doxies, this is our choice because it nails all the features most people are looking for, while still coming in under budget. Let’s take a closer look. 

This harness is padded in all the right places, without extra padding to trap heat and make your dog hot on a fun outing. The padding on the bottom is particularly helpful because it allows you to pick up your little hotdog by the harness, knowing her weight will be evenly distributed on the bottom. 

There is a full range of 9 delightfully bright colors to choose from. This really works out well if you have a multidog household. 

Reflective stitching on the webbing and the padded sections adds to the style points while also giving this extra small harness added safety in low light conditions. And, you can buy a matching leash if your pup happens to be ultra-cool. 

It has front and back leash attachment points, which is important if you have a puller on your hands. And don’t worry: If your little wiener fancies himself an escape artist, he won’t have any luck getting out of this fully adjustable, easy-on harness.

X-Small: 13”-17” Chest
Small: 17”-22” Chest
Medium: 22"-27" Chest

  • Well designed with quality materials
    Extra support along the back because of an extra strap designed to fit along the mid-section of your Doxie.
  • 9 vibrant colorways with reflective stitching
    Built in handle for quick and easy lifting to give your Dachshund they help they need over obstacles or just in and out of your lap!
  • Front and back attachment points
    Three color choices for the style conscious.
  • Fully adjustable for the perfect fit
    Reflective trim and reinforced connection points put safety first.
  • Mesh lined padding for support and long term wear
    Padded straps make this a comfortable choice for extended wear.
  • Full range of sizes for any sized Doxie
  • Reasonable price point for quality gear
  • Although the padding is minimal, it might be a little bulky on toy dachshunds
    This model is the priciest that made our top 5. However, you can count on the most quality construction from Ruffwear.

Red Dingo Dog Harness

Red Dingo Designer Cosmos Dog Harness

Sometimes the basics are all you need. Coming in at a very reasonable price, this selection by Red Dingo captures the classic look and fit of a web harness that comes in the perfect size for toy and small breeds, such as Dachshunds. 

There are some advantages to consider when it comes to the plain-Jane style web harness. If you have an active dog, then this style is the easiest to clean as well as the fastest to dry. While bulkier padded or fabric harnesses have some advantages in terms of style, they can’t beat this basic style in terms of ease. 

You can adjust this harness along the bottom, back, chest and neck for one of the more customizable basic style harnesses made for little dogs. The perfect fit is the most ideal for complete support, important for Doxies and other short legged breeds prone to IVDD. 

Quick release buckles make this harness very easy to get on and off once you have it fitted. Front and rear attachment points and a variety of flashy colored and patterned webbing sweeten the deal. 

X-Small: 12”-17” Chest, 10”-15” Neck
Small: 14”-21” Chest, 12-19” Neck
Medium: 18”-26” Chest, 14"-23” Neck

  • Fully adjustable in every direction
    Get it on and off fast with the single click closure and form fitting foam design.
  • Small sizes perfect for Doxies
    Padded all over for comfort.
  • Large range of colors and designs
    Extremely lightweight design.
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
    Waterproof foam is easy to wipe clean and will not absorb odors.
  • Lightweight, perfect for active dogs in warm weather
    Four great colors for fashion forward Weiners.
  • Long lasting with strong nylon webbing that is fade resistant
  • Excellent price point
  • Lacks padding which means it can chaff if your wiener is new to wearing a harness
    The foam construction means this is not a particularly breathable harness. It may not be the best choice for warm days when a mesh type would provide more cooling.

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Mesh Harness

Voyager Mesh Dog Harness

Coming in at an incredible price, this dog harness for Dachshunds is a mesh design. While it isn’t as durable in the long term as a padded or webbing style, it does have the advantage of being extremely lightweight, a major advantage in warm weather. 

This harness is plenty soft which is also great news if you are looking for an all-day wear option. And, it is designed to fit snugly all around for an innovate approach to keeping your wiggle worm under control. A Velcro strip adjusts for a perfect fit, a rare feature in vest style harnesses for small dogs. 

You can choose between 5 colorways, from girly pink to boyish blue – great if you have a few small dogs running around the house. You might be shopping on a tight budget, but nobody has to know it with this fashion forward design.

X-Small: 13”-14.5” Chest, 8" Neck
Small: 14.5" Chest, 9.5" Neck
Medium: 16"-18" Chest, 11" Neck

  • Outstanding price point
    Secure design with padded straps and four-point adjustment straps for the perfect fit.
  • Lightweight, soft mesh lined design is a great choice for warm weather and all-day wear
    Breathable yet durable design perfect for the outdoors.
  • Style points with 5 colors to choose from
    Eight fantastic color options with reflective strips for safety and style.
  • Fast Velcro fitting strip for a snug, escape proof, hugging vest
    Built in ID pocket to stash tags and call back information in the event your Doxie goes off on a solo adventure.
  • Smooth interior to prevent chaffing
    Durable construction with attention to detail for a quality product you can count on for years to come.
  • Only a few patches of reflective stripping, so not ideal for low light visibility
    The price tag on this harness is higher than some others, due to attention to detail and quality manufacturing.
  • Lightweight fabric won’t last forever
    Double strap design has four adjustment points which makes the initial fitting a bit more challenging.

Noxgear LightHound LED Illuminated & Reflective Dog Harness

Noxgear LightHound LED Illuminated & Reflective Dog Harness

Although LED lighted harnesses have become all the rage, unfortunately, the little dogs like wieners are often left out because of products that are not made small enough to accommodate their little bodies. Ironic considering these little shorties are probably the canines MOST in need of some extra visibility in low-light conditions!

Noxgear solves that problem with this LED harness with two small harnesses to choose from in the Doxie range. Unlike some lighted harnesses, this model features full 360° visibility, even from a distance. It is one of the most well lighted options on the market and it also includes wide reflective patches in the event that you forget to charge the LED unit. 

Simply charge your lights with the Micro-USB charger (included) and then choose among 14 color and flashing (or solid) options. A single charge lasts as long as twelve hours! Plus, you can detach the battery unit and toss the entire harness in the wash. 

Expect to pay a bit more for a high tech harness like this, but the quality is there to support the higher price tag in this case. 

Small: 11.5” Chest, up to 15 Pounds
Medium: 17”-29” Chest, 14 - 45 Pounds

  • Extreme visibility, even from a distance
    Deep V-neck front design is perfect for dogs prone to neck or esophagus issues.
  • Select between 14 color and flashing patterns (or solid)
    Inexpensive price tag makes this a great choice if you have never tried a harness before.
  • Long lasting battery (up to 12 hours when fully charged)
    Stylish design in a wide range of colors for a great look.
  • Machine washable harness
    Lightweight and very breathable mesh design is perfect for warmer climates.
  • Fully adjustable for an excellent fit
    Simple, one-click mechanism for ease of use.
  • Heavyweight Cordura fabric construction for a long lasting product
    Machine washable – cleanup is a breeze!
    Simple, one-click mechanism for ease of use.
  • One of the few lighted harnesses made for small and toy breeds
  • A pricey investment in quality gear
    Single connection point in the back which may encourage pulling for some dogs.

Doggy Design American River Dog Tux Harness

Doggie Design American River Dog Tux Harness

There is no reason that you can’t bring form and function together. This gorgeous little designer vest also doubles as a harness. You don’t need a formal occasion to take your well-dressed pooch about town!

Let’s be clear: These Sunday threads are not going to hold up to the active dog who enjoys chasing down mice in the field. However, the lightweight fabric design will ensure your Dachshund has the support he needs without too much bulk to make him overheat. It is also soft enough for all day wear. 

The design distributes your dog’s weight over the fabric, adding up to a choke free design that offers hug like support. And, reflective strips are built in to add some low light visibility. 

Did we mention it comes with 4 interchangeable bow ties for the perfect look?

X-Small: 11”-13” Chest, 4-6 Pounds
Small: 13”-16” Chest, 6-11 Pounds
Medium: 16"-19" Chest, 11-16 Pounds
Large: 19"-21" Chest, 16-21 Pounds

  • Adorable design to get your pooch plenty of attention
    Super stylish polka-dot design with matching leash for the cutest look.
  • Snug fit for full support and a choke free design
    Safety reflective strips for walking at night.
  • Lightweight and soft for all day wear
    Single and easy single adjustment point system.
  • Heavy duty buckle and D-ring for security
    Air-mesh interior lining for great breathability.
  • Escape proof design
    Polyester exterior is easy to clean.
  • Reasonable price point
    Great bargain!
    Polyester exterior is easy to clean.
  • Tight size parameters – measure carefully before purchasing
    Hand washing this leash and harness set is recommended.
  • Not durable enough for rough and tumble outdoor wear
    Only two sizes and one color variation (black and white) available.

We hope our list of the best harness for Dachshund breed helps you make the right choice for you and your Doxie. We would love to hear more about our reader’s Doxie stories so feel free to leave us a comment below!

Sharon Elber (M.S. in Science & Technology) - Professional Dog Trainer

Sharon is a writer and received her M.S. in Science & Technology Studies from Virginia Tech and has worked as a professional dog trainer for over 10 years.

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