Best GoPro Dog Harness | The Action Camera For Canines

Want to see what the world looks like from your dog’s point of view? Well you’re not alone. It is fast becoming a huge internet trend.

Playful pooches the world over are getting reality show star treatment as owners are strapping them up with action cameras such as the GoPro Hero.

We set out to not only create a guide to the gear you will need to mount your action camera to your dog, but also covered the extras that you will want to look into for extra smooth video.

If you don’t have a GoPro, don’t worry. Read on to learn how to mount your smartphone camera on to your pup or convert any action cam to be compatible with the best dog harness action camera mounts.

And, stay tuned to learn even more tips to make sure your video turns out the way you want it to.

CAUTION:  Here’s how NOT to use a GoPro with your dog:

Now that is a really well-trained person! He sure is getting his daily exercise!

But seriously, let’s jump right into the reviews of the best GoPro dog harnesses, followed by everything else you need to know to take great doggie videos.

Best GoPro Dog Harness | Plus Other Action Cameras




GoPro Fetch

  • Compatible with GoPro gear
  • Can be mounted on the back or chest for different POV
  • Well-designed for comfort, durability, and stability

Makit Dog Harness

  • Lightweight
  • Back or chest mounts
  • Can be used with a gimbal

Action Mount Adapter for Smartphone

  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely strong hold with suction cups and a Velcro strap
  • Easy to use

EVO Gimbal

  • Smartphone remote control capability
  • 4-5 hours battery life
  • Manual angle set option


  • Less expensive
  • Simple operation
  • Splash resistant design

Zhiyun Rider-M

  • Compatible with most action cameras
  • Lightweight
  • 320 degree shooting angles

Best Overall GoPro Harness

GoPro Fetch

This is the official mount that is made by the folks over at GoPro, so it is perfectly designed to work with their cameras.

You can mount on the back or on the chest with this model, and it is compatible for use with a gimbal (read more about gimbals further down in this review).

The design is very straightforward and pretty intuitive to put on and adjust. It is designed to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds.

Note that if you have a smaller dog, the chest mount is probably not going to work well because of the layout of this harness. Luckily you can remove that part of the harness to make this work just fine for the little guys as long as you do a back mount.

It is padded in all the right places so your dog will be comfortable by wearing it, and the webbing is durable and washable.

  • GoPro brand so perfect compatibility with GoPro gear
  • Mount on the back or chest for different points of view
  • Well designed in terms of comfort, durability and stability
  • Padded at the attachment points and places that are most likely to chaff
  • Easy to put on and adjust
  • plus-circle
    Washable and water friendly webbing
  • plus-circle
    Additional camera tether for some added security
  • plus-circle
    Fits most dogs, may have to take chest piece off for dogs under 25 pounds
  • plus-circle
    Quick release base for fast mounting and dismounting the camera
  • In order to use with non-GoPro compatible cameras, you will need a conversion kit. They are cheap. Read on to find the right one for your needs.
  • Pricier than some knock off brands

Best Budget Dog Harness for GoPro

Makit Dog Harness

Coming in at about half the price of the GoPro official Dog Mount Harness, this budget offering is the only one we looked at that we felt comfortable recommending. Although you will find plenty of cheaper mounts on the market, many of them are junk.

If you are looking for a good deal, this is probably the harness for you.

It is a bit lighter weight in terms of the webbing and may not last as long as the name brand version as a result. Also, the straps tend to twist a little more. However, the truth is that it’s pretty close to the GoPro Fetch.

  • Bargain price compared to the official version
  • Same functionality as the GoPro  harness
  • Back or chest mounts to capture either point of view
  • Lightweight
  • Webbing is washable
  • plus-circle
    Can be used with a gimbal
  • plus-circle
    Easy on/off and adjustments
  • plus-circle
    Fits dogs of 15-120 pounds
  • Has a GoPro style mount. Read on to learn about the right adaptor to use with other kinds of cameras
  • A little lighter webbing with some slight twisting possible as a result
  • No leash clip

Best Dog Mount for Smartphones

Action Mount Adapter for Smartphone

So, if you want to use the Go Pro Dog Harness with a smartphone, this is the gear you need. It does not come with a harness, so make sure you choose one of those listed in the top picks above because you will still need one of those to tack action video from your dog’s point of view with your smartphone.

This inexpensive gadget allows you to attach your smartphone securely to any GoPro style attachment. Handy right?

And, it has everything you will need if you want to do a helmet attachment as well so that you can take video on bikes, motorcycles or any outdoor activity with a helmet.

  • Inexpensive investment to turn your smartphone into an action cam
  • Extremely strong hold with suction cups and a Velcro strap
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with GoPro quick release attachments such a those featured in this GoPro Harness Review
  • Also works to convert your smartphone to a helmet action cam
  • Go Pro Dog Harness sold separately
  • Won’t work with a gimbal to stabilize video

Best Dog Harness for Sony, Yi, SjCam or TomTom Bandit, or Olympic Action Cameras

If you have another kind of action camera other than a GoPro, then your best bet for getting great dog POV video is to use one of the harnesses listed above, however, you may need an inexpensive conversion piece to make it work.

Conversion Kits to Use any Action Camera on a GoPro Dog Harness

The GoPro is so popular that there is not a strong market for dog harnesses for other brands of action cameras. However, there are plenty of reasons that folks with other styles of action cams want to enjoy filming from their dog’s perspective.

The best solution is to find the right adaptor so that you can use the action camera you already have on one of the dog mounts designed for GoPro gear. Check which kind of mount you have, then chose the adaptor that will work for you.

Best GoPro Adaptor for RAM Mount Action Cams

GoPro Adapter w/1" Ball for RAM Mounts

Best GoPro Adapter for ¼”- 20 Threaded Mount Action Cams

Adapter for GoPro Mounts (1/4-Inch 20)

Best GoPro Adaptor for Smart Phones

Livestream Gear Universal Smartphone Holder

How to Get Smooth Video When Using an Action Camera with Dogs

To get smooth video using any action camera with your dog, including a GoPro, you will need to invest in something called a gimbal. The gimbal works to allow the camera to stay level with the horizon line, or track a moving object, using some very easy flowing ball joints on a special mount.

To see the difference, check out this quick video which shows some side by side comparison shots on a very cooperative “dog drone” fresh from the factory!

Gimbals can be an expensive investment, but there is no substitute if your aim is to produce videos that are not so shaky that you need Dramamine to get through them.

While you can do some clean up with post-production video editing software, using a gimbal will have the most drastic effect on the overall video quality.

Here are our three top picks if you decide to use a gimbal to reduce shaking on your dog mounted GoPro or other action camera:

Best Gimbal for GoPro Fetch for Overall Quality

EVO Gimbal

If top of the line gear is in your passion, then the EVO gimbal is an excellent choice in terms of overall quality, although it does come in at a pretty steep price tag. It’s considered the best wearable gimbal by most action cam enthusiasts.

  • Remote control capability using your smartphone
  • Excellent battery life with 4-5 hours per quick charge
  • Comes with a selfie stick and a convenient carry bag
  • Manual angle set option to easily point in the direction you want, and have the gimbal hold true
  • Full 3-axis rotation for very smooth action shots while mounted on your dog
  • plus-circle
    You can mount your LCD battery backpack on it to extend the battery life of the camera
  • plus-circle
    Plug and Play ready right out of the box
  • plus-circle
    No conversion needed for Go Pro harness
  • plus-circle
    High quality build from a trusted manufacturer
  • plus-circle
    1 Year USA parts and labor warrantee
  • Pricey – This is probably too expensive for those just looking for casual filming for fun

Runner-up Gimbal for GoPro Fetch


Another option to get the best smooth video from your dog’s back is this gimbal by Feiyutech which offers strong functionality at a lower price than the EVO.

It has remote control capability, although the range is shorter than the EVO. While it does lack some of the features of the EVO gimbal, it does just about equally well in terms of stabilizing your video.

Although the product says it is waterproof to 1 meter of fresh water, we would not recommend it. While it is splash resistant, the many moving electronic parts could fail if you submerge them.

  • Significantly less expensive than our top pick
  • Works very well with a solid build
  • Simple operation
  • Splash resistant design
  • Bluetooth remote control with an app (limited range)
  • plus-circle
    360 degree pitching
  • plus-circle
    Built in rechargeable batteries
  • plus-circle
    Can be attached to either GoPro mounts or tripod screw mounts without an additional converter
  • plus-circle
    Mini tripod included with purchase
  • Needs a little assembly out of the box before it is ready to roll
  • Cannot be used as a back up charger for your camera

Best Bargain Gimbal for GoPro Harness

Zhiyun Rider-M

Our last pick in a gimbal to help you take smooth videos with your dog is this selection by Zhiyun. It is a pretty popular model, and you can find plenty of videos online demonstrating how well it works.

It has the features you would expect as well, including remote control from a compatible controller (sold separately) or with a free app for your phone. It also comes in as relatively lightweight compared to most other gimbals.

We were not able to find any warranty information on this gimbal, but it does have a fairly good reputation among camera enthusiasts. Definitely not a piece of junk and it comes in at a great price.

  • Excellent price: It doesn’t get much lower than this if you want a gimbal you can rely on
  • Compatible with most action cameras
  • Get a free app compatible with IOS or Android for remote control, or purchase a separate custom remote control designed for use with this model (with a longer range).
  • Lightweight, great for smaller dogs
  • 320 degree shooting angles
  • plus-circle
    Pan, lock and follow shooting modes
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a selfie stick
  • plus-circle
    Camera charging cable included
  • Uses a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole, so you will need a conversion adaptor if using with GoPro ready dog mount
  • Keep this dry, it is not water resistant

More Tips for Taking Great Videos with GoPro for Dogs

Get Your Dog Accustomed to Wearing the GoPro Harness.

Before attaching the camera and expecting to get good video, spend some time getting your pooch used to wearing the harness first. This can protect your expensive gear by making sure your pup doesn’t panic or try to roll over (right on your expensive camera!) to get the harness off.  

If your dog is already used to wearing a harness, then the job is pretty simple: Just put the harness on and adjust for fit, give him some praise or treats for being a good boy, then leave it on until it’s clear he’s “over it.”

If he doesn’t have experience with using a harness, here are some tips to make sure he adjusts quickly:

  • Start by introducing the harness along with some heavy praise, pets and a few treats.
  • Estimate the length of the straps before putting it on.
  • Slip the harness over his head, then praise and treat before trying to adjust.
  • Make sure to continue to praise and treat as you make fine tune adjustments for fit.
  • If he seems especially bothered by the harness, practice putting it on and praising and distracting him with toys for 10-15 minute sessions until he is “over it.”

Get a Good Fit On Your GoPro Harness For Dogs.

One thing to pay attention to is that the fit on the harness should be a little more snug than that of a regular walking harness, otherwise the camera is likely to sway from side to side quite a bit.

Since it goes around the chest, your furry friend needs some room to breath while running and playing of course, but you want it to be snug enough that it stays steady.

One finger of room is usually enough, rather than the two fingers usually recommended under the straps for a regular harness fit. If you notice any labored breathing once your dog is active, it’s too tight and needs to be loosened.

Here is a great video covering the Go Pro harness instructions so that you can see how to adjust it perfectly:

Everything You Need to Know About Taking Great Video with a GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

We set out to build the ultimate guide to using a GoPro Dog Harness to take fun action videos from your canine companion’s point of view. We hope we were helpful!

If you have experience taking action video with your pooch, please consider leaving some tips for our readers in the comments section below. Links to funny dog videos taken with your GoPro Fetch will also be accepted (pending a paws-itive review by our staff!)

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