Dog Beds

Dogs tend to spend a lot more time sleeping and napping than their human companions. In fact, many spend as long as 14 hours per day snoozing. Finding the right dog bed to meet your pet’s needs is an important way to support her health and well-being. 

In many cases, the best dog bed for your pal’s needs is determined by size. Smaller dogs tend to have a harder time maintaining their body heat so cave style beds can be a great choice. On the other hand, larger breeds as well as senior dogs may benefit from the serious joint support offered by orthopedic options. 

In other cases, you may be more concerned with lifestyle factors. For instance, if you have a heavy shedder on your hands, the most important feature may be a choice that it is machine washable. 

Regardless of your needs, our extensive dog bed reviews will help you find the best in class for the style that will work best for you and your furry friend. 

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