Mix Breeds

We have a lot of mixed breed dogs here among the WileyPup staff. Suffice to say, we are big fans of the Mutt! 

In addition to filling our animal shelters, mixed breed dogs have been shown to have fewer congenital health problems than their purebred cousins. In addition, they are less snooty (or so we have been told!). 

Just because a dog that is a hybrid of other breeds doesn’t have papers, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a better sense of her temperament, physical characteristics, or exercise needs. In fact, by looking at the parent breeds of any crossbreed dog, you can predict quite a lot about what a designer dog breed might be like when fully grown. 

Our mix breed dog guides are here to help you decide if a certain mix will be a good fit for your lifestyle before you buy or adopt. Our sincere hope is that this information will help beloved mutts find their way into forever homes where they are loved and cherished! 

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