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Best Dog Toothpaste | For Guilt Free Dog Kisses

Did you know?Dental disease is fairly common in canines with up to 80% of dogs over 3 years old having some stage of periodontal disease. Fortunately, learning to regularly brush your pup’s teeth can prevent or slow the progression of dental issues for your best mate. Quick Navigation Dog Teeth Brushing TrainingDog Teeth Brushing TipsBest […]

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Grain Free Puppy Food | For Our Sensitive Dogs

If your puppy is showing signs of a food intolerance or allergy, then you are probably searching for answers to find meals that will help them feel better and more vibrant. Although grain allergies are not the most common food allergen for dogs, they can be present. Quick Navigation Grain Free MythsGrains are a leading […]

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Border Collie Shedding | Tips & Advice

Border Collie fans love the intelligence, energy and desire to please this working breed is well known for. However, despite all these great qualities, one down side of the breed is significant shedding. In this article we will review various shedding triggers, techniques for controlling shedding, and some common do’s and don’ts. Do Border Collies Shed, What […]

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Can Dogs Eat Rib Bones? Essential Safety Info

Can dogs eat rib bones? Short answer: No. Long answer: It’s complicated. Bones and dogs are one of those issues where veterinarians often disagree. Some argue they are safe under certain conditions, others argue they are just not worth the potential downsides since the nutritional needs they satisfy are met with commercial canine food and approved safe chew […]

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Can Dogs Eat Olives? Safe Eating Advice

We know that olives in moderation are great for humans… but can dogs eat olives? Fresh olives are fine for canines in small quantities. Make sure you take the pit out first though, especially if you have a little dog. The pits are a choking hazard and contain toxins. Pickled and brined variations, whether green or black, […]

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Can Dogs Eat Asparagus? Harmless Sideffects

While some folks have a “No people food!” policy with their dogs, others supplement their pet’s diet with healthy foods that are safe for canines. The right foods can offer nutritious variety to a processed kibble diet. The wrong foods can be dangerous. Asparagus can be a healthy and fun snack for your pooch. It is […]

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Best Flea Shampoo For Dogs | Prevent & Kill

When the warmer weather season arrives, so do fleas and ticks. These parasites can carry serious diseases that pose a health threat for you and your dog. Finding the best flea shampoo for dogs is an important part of your pups’s health plan. With more products than ever on the market, finding the right flea shampoo […]

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Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Canine’s & Crustaceans

It is safe to feed your dog shrimp as long as you follow some basic guidance:1. Cook thoroughly before feeding it to your dog.Raw shrimp can contain the potentially deadly bacteria Clostridium botulinum type C, along with other potentially dangerous pathogens. Any shrimp that you give to your pup must be thoroughly cooked to be […]

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