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Non Shedding Dogs | 15 Most Practical Breeds

Non shedding canines actually do not exist if you want to be a purist. In fact, all mammals shed to some extent, including humans. However, there is a difference between fur and hair in regards to the amount of shedding. Quick Navigation The Truth… Low Shedding DogsNon Shedding Dogs And The Hypoallergenic MythDogs That Don’t […]

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Border Collie Shedding | Tips & Advice

Border Collie fans love the intelligence, energy and desire to please this working breed is well known for. However, despite all these great qualities, one down side of the breed is significant shedding. In this article we will review various shedding triggers, techniques for controlling shedding, and some common do’s and don’ts. Do Border Collies Shed, What […]

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Dog Bath Tubs | Canine Cleaning

Dog bath tubs are one of those products that you don’t think you need until you have one, and then you wonder how you ever did without them. Quick Navigation Bath Tub Essentials5 Highly Recommended Dog Bath TubsPYRUS Collapsible Bathtub for DogsFlying Pig Portable Bath TubBooster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-LargeMustee 28CF Combo Utility TubPet […]

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