Wiley Pup Spotlight: The Kris Kelly Foundation

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our canine companions, we here at Wiley Pup want to give a shout out to The Kris Kelly Foundation, an animal welfare group founded by Kris Kelly and serving the greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas.

The Kris Kelly Foundation implements a multipronged approach to serve the people AND animals, recognizing the simple but powerful truism that we need each other to thrive.

The ambitious programming of KKF includes:

  • Organizing foster, adoption and awareness programs to help find forever homes for abandoned and abused animals in the high kill rate areas of Southern California.
  • Keeping pressure on city officials to enforce spay and neuter laws in the area, a critical aspect of addressing the root cause of pet overpopulation.
  • Partnering with private charities, publicly funded animal shelters, as well as local and national non-profits dedicated to animal welfare to best serve the animals and people in Southern California communities.
  • Helping animals of all species including dogs, cats, chicken, pigs and others of all ages, including those with special needs, find loving homes where they can live out their days in safety and security.
  • Highlighting the roles that young people and the elderly, two often overlooked populations, can play in working towards making life better for pets in their communities.
  • Passionately serving as a voice for the harsh reality of the suffering that too many abandoned and abused companion animals face on the streets, in puppy mills, in dog (and cock) fighting rings, and in the shelter system.

The hard work, passion and dedication of the folks over at The Kris Kelly Foundation is making a real difference in the lives of animals in Southern California.

We wanted our readers to be aware of their important contributions, hoping that it will serve to inspire others seeking to make a difference in the lives of our furry friends.

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