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Toby Wins DWAA Best Children’s Book!

WileyPup is excited to announce that Toby, by Hazel Mitchell has won the 2017 Best Children’s Book category from the Dog Writers Association of America! An upcoming awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of the annual DWAA awards will take place on February 10, 2018 at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. The banquet will feature keynote […]

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Dog Boots For Pups | Something Fun!!!

It’s the middle of winter and the conditions are freezing! It’s cold and it’s wet and you’re about to head off for a days work.  You look outside and there’s snow and ice everywhere, is there anyway you’d be going outside without your works boots on? No way! Then you look down at your furry best friend. He comes […]

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Best LED Dog Collar | The Forgotten Safety Essential

A rechargeable LED dog collar can give you peace of mind that your pooch is visible in low light conditions. Quick Navigation Best LED Dog CollarIllumiseen LED Dog Collar​BSeen LED Dog Collar​Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar​LivingABC Water-Resistant LED Dog Collar ​Noxgear LightHound Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs ​And The Winner Is!​Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar […]

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Dog Bath Tubs | Canine Cleaning

Dog bath tubs are one of those products that you don’t think you need until you have one, and then you wonder how you ever did without them. Quick Navigation Bath Tub Essentials5 Highly Recommended Dog Bath TubsPYRUS Collapsible Bathtub for DogsFlying Pig Portable Bath TubBooster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-LargeMustee 28CF Combo Utility TubPet […]

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Dog Bed Caves | Hooded Canine Mattress

If you are the lucky puppy parent of a small breed dog, you already know how they love a good tuck-in under some warm, soft blankets. It is important, especially for toy breeds, to be able to stay warm as they don’t have enough mass to maintain their own body temperatures at the slightest hint […]

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Best Toys for Teething Puppies | Pain Relief

Depending on your puppy’s size and breed, they will be pushing out their baby teeth for adult teeth starting around 12-16 weeks. Just like in humans, this process is painful. Dogs naturally seek to chew, often incessantly, during this period to sooth their gums.  Hopefully you made good use of your puppy’s time with baby teeth […]

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