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It’s the middle of winter and the conditions are freezing!

It’s cold and it’s wet and you’re about to head off for a days work. 

You look outside and there’s snow and ice everywhere, is there anyway you’d be going outside without your works boots on? No way!

Then you look down at your furry best friend. He comes to work with you in the coldest conditions rail, hail and snow but how is it that his little paws don’t freeze? 2-3 minutes outside and yourself and your toes would feel like they would be ready to fall off, that is if you could even feel them after that long on the freezing ground. 

It may be time to look at getting some boots for your pup too! Before you laugh it off and think it’s ridiculous there are actually several benefits for both you and your dog. However they can take some getting used to!

For starters, Sitters4Critters, pet sitters of Morrisville, Pa, has also recommended booties for your fur-kids because the outside snow / salt burns the paw pads and makes it extremely uncomfortable for them to go potty. How often does your dog run past as soon as you get in the door and you’ve forgotten to wipe the snow, mud and dirt off his feet and he’s trampling it all through the house or even on the clean couch?! 

With dog boots, when you get to the door to take your boots off, you simply reach down and takes his off too. Quick and easy! 

All the mud and grime stays at the door. No more trying to hold the big guy while you try and wipe and dry his paws as he’s struggling to stand still. After the boots are off either leave them at the door with yours to dry. If they’re really dirty give them a quick wipe and they’re clean. 

Keeping your dogs paws off the cold winter ground is not just for keeping your house clean but it can also have some great benefits for your pup too. 

Here are some indications that it may be time to look for boots for your dog:

 - Your dogs is constantly lifting it’s paws when walking outside. 

- They are reluctant to leave the comfort of the house or car to head outside. 

- Your dog is showing signs of being uncomfortably cold such as shivering or moving very slowly. 

- If your dog has recently been injured or sick and needs extra help to get better. Being cold after an injury or sickness can prolong recovery or even in some cases bring the sickness symptoms back.

- You notice your dog has dry or crack paws during the cold winter season. 

Which Dog Breeds Could Do With A Pair of Boots?

Some breeds thrive in cold conditions such as Chow Chow, Saint Bernard, Tibetan Terrier and Husky’s. They have adapted over many years of evolution with thicker warmer coats, thicker paw pads and even special natural water replants in their fur. These breeds are less likely if at all to need dog boots but thinner boots with less insulation can still be an option. 

Dogs more suited to warmer climates such Basenji, terriers, doberman and Chihuahuas are more likely candidates to get boots for when the mercury starts to drop. These breeds may actually not only need boots but dog coats too.

Depending on the breed and how cold it gets in your region dog boots are definitely worth looking into to keep your pup healthy, safe and warm. Doing more research into the origin of your dog and what climate it originated from might not only save you large vet bill but might even save your pets life. 

Sharon Elber (M.S. in Science & Technology) - Professional Dog Trainer

Sharon is a writer and received her M.S. in Science & Technology Studies from Virginia Tech and has worked as a professional dog trainer for over 10 years.

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