Daily Dog Exercise Needs | PLUS 13 Outdoor & Indoor Exercise Ideas That Will Transform Your Dog

As of 2016 over 50% of dogs in the US are overweight (more on this below). This means that the importance of exercise for dogs cannot be overstated. Like humans, obesity is associated with a variety of negative health outcomes such as:HypertensionLiver diseaseCompromised immunityIncreased cancer riskDamage to joints and bonesIncreased risk of injuryDiabetesDigestive disordersDecreased quality of […]

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Best Harness for Dachshund Breed | Safety & Comfort

At the time of writing this there are hundreds of different harnesses that are available on the market. Some good, some bad, some average and some great. Some for small dogs, average dogs, big dogs and spoiled dogs.Here at WileyPup.com, we like to consider the special needs of some of the most popular breeds. In this article […]

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Miniature Husky | Discover This Mysterious Breed

You might be wondering….. What on earth is a Miniature Husky?Long a popular breed of dog, the Siberian Husky has recently had a remodel. Read on! Quick Navigation Miniature HuskyHistoryTemperamentSizeCoat & AppearanceHealth & Life ExpectancyOverall Pro’s & Con’sDifference Between Miniature Huskies & Alaskan Klee KaiNot for you? The Siberian Husky has long been a favorite canine […]

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15 Research Backed Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

Is this fur ball that follows me around like a shadow, constantly looking at me with those puppy dog eyes no matter what age they are, really that healthy for me? Routine situations like leaving them at home is an everyday mini heartbreak.Don’t even start us on holidays where we try and think of any […]

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Best Dog Nail Clippers | Transform Any Dogs Nails

Allowing your dog’s toenails to get too long can not only do long term damage to their toes and feet, but it can also ruin their posture and deteriorate their leg and hip joints. Keeping up with regular toenail clipping is an important part of meeting your canine’s overall health needs. Quick Navigation How To […]

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Rottsky | Discover the Rottweiler & Husky Mix

Ever wondered what happens when a Rottweiler makes love to a Husky?Read on Hoomans…A popular hybrid dog these days is the Rottsky, a mix of Siberian Husky and Rottweiler parents. Many of these furry friends have striking good looks and winning personalities.So what’s the real story?As with all hybrid dogs, you can expect variations in […]

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