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Best Harness for Pugs | Essential Safety Gear

The Pug is best known for their winning personality and stunning good looks. (Also, loud snoring!) Quick Navigation Brachycephaly: Breathing Issues in Pugs Prevention: A Harness is the Right Choice for PugsTraining Tips: How to Get Your Pug to Love His Harness!Pug Harness | Top Qualities to Look ForBEWARE of the followingBest Harness for Pugs: […]

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Best GoPro Dog Harness | The Action Camera For Canines

Want to see what the world looks like from your dog’s point of view? Well you’re not alone. It is fast becoming a huge internet trend. Quick Navigation Best GoPro Dog Harness | Plus Other Action CamerasConversion Kits to Use any Action Camera on a GoPro Dog HarnessBest GoPro Adaptor for RAM Mount Action CamsBest […]

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The Office Dog | An Ultimate Guide To Dogs In The Workplace

According to the 2017 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 11% of pet owners now enjoy a pet friendly workplace, up from just 8% in 2014. Quick Navigation The Office Dog | Benefits of a Dog Friendly OfficeGeneral Positive Health Benefits of Dogs Work-Life BalanceBoosted Moral At Work Higher Productivity LevelsLower Stress Levels […]

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Best High Protein Dog Food | Ultimate High Performance Nutrition

Do you think a high protein diet might be right for your dog? This article will help you learn more about these formulas, as well which higher protein recipes also make use of high quality protein sources, responsibly sourced ingredients, and domestic manufacturing. There is some controversy around the nutritional soundness of higher protein diets for […]

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Why You Look Like Your Dog

Ever think that you look like your furry friend? You may have some scientific evidence to back you up. Current research shows that people tend to choose dogs that share their physical characteristics over dogs that look vastly different from them. If an owner has a large nose, they might choose a long snouted pup. Factors as […]

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Best Dog Puzzle Toys | Seek A Treat Mental Stimulation

Did you know?The use of environmental enrichment aids, a.k.a. puzzles, to zoo environments is a well understood way to reduce stress for captive animals. Quick Navigation Qualities to Look for in a Great Interactive Dog ToyBest Dog Puzzle Toy – All Around Winner! Best Eco-Friendly Design Puzzle Toy for DogsBest Puzzle Dog Food BowlBest Einstein CollectionBest […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Service, Emotional Support & Therapy Dogs

According to government statistics,  43 million Americans have a mental or physical disability. As many as 4,000 service dogs are placed annually to help the disabled hear, see, and assist with mobility and motor function. Quick Navigation What is the difference between a service dog, an emotional support dog, and a therapy dog?Service DogEmotional Support […]

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