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Wiley Pup Spotlight: The Kris Kelly Foundation

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our canine companions, we here at Wiley Pup want to give a shout out to The Kris Kelly Foundation, an animal welfare group founded by Kris Kelly and serving the greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas. The Kris Kelly Foundation implements a multipronged approach to serve […]

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Australian Shepherd Husky Mix: Meet the Ausky

This article will explore a popular designer breed, the Ausky.This cross between the Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd offers a lot of potential, but isn’t a good fit for everyone. We will give you all the information you need to decide if this cross is the right designer dog for you. Quick Navigation Australian Shepherd […]

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Best Flea Spray | For Your Dog, Home, Furniture & Carpet

We all love our dogs and want the best for them. One of the important decisions to make is what products to use for the important job of flea and tick control. Quick Navigation Special Note for Cat OwnersBest Flea Spray for Dogs (Direct Application)Medicated PickAll-Natural PickBargain PickBest Flea Spray for Home and FurnitureMedicated PickAll-Natural PickBargain […]

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Best Dog Clippers | The Top Rated Hair Trimmers

Did you know?Grooming at home can both save money and give you and your dog another activity to do together that can be fun and rewarding. The up-front investment of clippers will pay for themselves with just a few missed trips to the groomers! Quick Navigation What Features Matter When Shopping for the Top of the […]

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Best Dog Ball Launcher | The Ultimate Fetch & Play Toy

Making sure your furry friend gets their exercise needs met can be a challenge. Especially if you have one of the more hyper breeds such as those from the herding, working and sporting groups. Quick Navigation Safety PrecautionsSupervise Play Train them to wait in a safe positionHow to teach the right position Best Dog Ball LauncherBest Automatic […]

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Seresto Collar Reviews | Tick & Flea Control For Dogs

We did plenty of research before completing our review of Seresto Dog Collars. In particular, we wanted to make sure this is a safe product before recommending it to our readers. We did find some anecdotal reports from some folks online about the safety of this product, however, we also found similar reports for other […]

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Best Senior Dog Food | Nutrition For Older Canines

As your dog ages, a dietary change may be in order to best meet their nutritional needs. Quick Navigation What Makes Senior Dog Food Special?Best Senior Dog Food | Qualities to Look Out ForBest Senior Dry Dog FoodBest Senior Canned Dog FoodSupplements for Senior DogsHow to Change Your Senior Dog’s Food The lowdown… Here at WileyPup, […]

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Blue Heeler Lab Mix | Discover The Labraheeler

One of the more interesting designer dog breeds to surface in the last decade is the Labrador Retriever and Blue Heeler hybrid. This crossbreed has some unique characteristics that makes it a good choice for active families, farms and ranches. This guide takes an in depth look at the Lab and Blue Heeler mix, followed by […]

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Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix | Meet The ACD x GSD

What happens when you breed a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) to a Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog (ACD)? You end up with a powerful working dog that is intelligent, determined, and dedicated to whatever role they are assigned. The lowdown… This guide gives an in depth look at this crossbreed, followed by detailed information […]

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