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If you are the lucky puppy parent of a small breed dog, you already know how they love a good tuck-in under some warm, soft blankets. It is important, especially for toy breeds, to be able to stay warm as they don’t have enough mass to maintain their own body temperatures at the slightest hint of a chill.

Often times such canines have a strong urge to burrow. Sometimes this is as much about feeling safer and more secure with something over their head…it’s an instinct thing.

Dog bed caves offer your little pup the chance to warm up without taking up your lap. They are also great for travel because they provide the security of familiar smells even when away from home, great for nervous pups.

We have 5 top picks for our canine cave line-up. They each have unique pros and cons and we have done the shopping for you to offer a strong range of options so everyone can find just the right cave for their pooch!

5 Highly Recommended Dog Bed Caves






Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed


Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed


Best Pet Supplies Home Sweet Home Bed


Grey Shark Cave Bed


FFMODE Cozy Mongolian Yurt Shaped Dog Cave

Grey Shark Cave Bed

We could not resist this charming cave bed for dogs! It is truly one of the most unique designs available. Watch as your little guy walks right into the belly of the beast!

This bedding cave accommodates small to medium dogs up to about 20 pounds and measures 20.5x20.5.15 inches. It would be a fantastic addition to the play room or a fish themed kids room. If you are looking for style, you can’t beat this character.

There is plenty of function built into this product. The soft inner pillow is removable for easy washing. The near total enclosure of this bed makes it super warm and comfy.


  • Hilarious design for the playful spirit.
  • Non-skid bottom so it will stay put.
  • There is also a pink version available…so if you have a picky princess, go for that option.


  • Make sure you train your pup to go inside. If they lay on top the sides will collapse.
  • Although the pillow comes out for washing, the main body is not machine washable.
  • Will only accommodate dogs up to about 20 pounds.

Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed

This tent style hooded bed is another great option for canines up to about 20 pounds (get the X-Large one). If your little dog is looking for a safe place to rest, this is a great choice.

One of the stand out features of this hooded cave bed is that it is made of very high-quality materials with solid manufacturing. The sides are supported with a durable foam so they can be collapsed for packing to travel, but will bounce back into shape for use at your destination.

The style conscious will appreciate that it comes in a variety of neutral colors with fabrics that all have a high-end look. The entire house is machine washable, and the pillow removes easily, so cleaning is a breeze.


  • Comes in 5 great neutral colors with an eye towards style.
  • Firm foam insulation keeps the pop-up tent look, or fold it for travel.
  • Near total enclosure for a very safe feel for your burrowing dog.
  • Completely machine washable.


  • Even the X-large size is only big enough for canines up to about 20 pounds.

FFMODE Cozy Mongolian Yurt Shaped Dog Cave

The stylish design of this hooded mattress really makes it stand out. If you have a modern décor, make sure to give this bed cave a chance. Three bold color selections give you some decorating options.

If your pup loves to burrow, they will love the deep cave feel of this UFO shaped bed. You can pull the pillow out for washing, and the fabric of the body of the cave bed is easy to wipe clean or vacuum.

This product ships flat, but don’t worry. It will pop into shape in not time. You may want to plan on giving the materials a few days to air out before introducing it to your pet. All foam insulated cave beds can have a chemical smell when your first unwrap them.


  • Gorgeous design for a modern décor.
  • Firm foam pop up sides hold their shape well.
  • Soft inner pillow removes easily for washing.


  • Limited color ranges available.
  • Dogs larger than about 15 pounds will find even the larger size too small.
  • Narrow opening makes this a little challenging to get inside.

Best Pet Supplies Home Sweet Home Bed

The fun dog house design of this cave bed gives it plenty of cute appeal. Three color options in neutral colors work well for most home decors. This would be a great choice for a country chic home!

Although it is only big enough for canines up to about 15 pounds, the higher entrance makes it ideal for taller toy breeds like French Bulldogs.

It's is easy to take apart for travel, and is entirely machine washable. If you travel a lot, this is a good choice to give your pup that home-away-from home security that they crave. Smaller breeds need to stay warm, and a portable dog bed gives them a cozy place that is not your lap.


  • Well designed with thought given to both style and function.
  • Easy to travel with since it disassembles and folds up in a snap.
  • Entirely machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Skid free bottom material will keep it from sliding around.


  • Only big enough for K9s up to about 15 pounds.
  • The pillow inside is a little flimsy. You might want to supplement it with some foam underneath.

Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

For the truly pampered small dog whole loves to burrow under the covers, we recommend this luxury line of bed caves. Lined with Sherpa fleece and with a micro-suede exterior, your pet will be super warm and cozy.

The extra stuffed base of this product offers lots of support. The design of the roof is more of a tight-fitting pocket that your small pup will love. For small breeds that are always trying to get in under the covers, this is a great choice.

A stand out feature of this mattress is that it comes in a huge array of colors. If you are looking for something to match a bright and lively décor, this might be your best bet.


  • Nice thick pillow base for extra support, great for older dogs.
  • Machine washable, although you will have to take the liner off and on to do it.
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • For canines that like to tuck themselves in, the added security of the hugging top will be a plus.


  • Since the top of the cave is not firm, some pups won’t “get it” and will just lay on top.
  • Pricey. This one is top of the line with a price tag to show it.


Unfortunately, despite trying very hard, we were not able to find a good cave bed for large and extra-large canines. Definitely a market gap that needs to be filled!

If your pup is bigger than 20 Pounds and loves the feeling of security of a covered cave, we recommend that you check out the DEWEL line of Dog Teepees to make an existing doggie mattress into a cave suitable for larger dogs.

If you happen to have a smaller dog, then we tried to find a selection that covered the full range of the different styles of bed caves available so that you can find something that fits your needs. No matter which style you choose, your little pooch will have a new favorite spot at home and on the road.

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