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Dog bath tubs are one of those products that you don’t think you need until you have one, and then you wonder how you ever did without them.

Do you find yourself:

  • Cleaning drains stuffed with your pups fur?
  • Bending and reaching to try to bath your dog in the tub or shower?
  • Struggling with holding your pup, and the hose, and the shampoo?
  • Fighting with your dog to get them to turn around so you can wash the other side?
  • In need of a doggy bath you can travel with to keep show dogs ready for the ring?

It might be time to consider a specially designed canine bath to solve these problems.

Our review of the top 5 bath tubs for dogs includes a complete explanation of the stand out features of the tubs that made our top 5. In addition, scroll to the bottom to find the best dog baths ranked cheapest, best value, and top of the line.

5 Highly Recommended Dog Bath Tubs

PYRUS Collapsible Bathtub for Dogs

If you and your pup are on the go often, then this collapsible dog bath is a great option for you. Whether you want to bath your pup for the show ring or provide a nice cool dip on a hot day at the campground, this portable tub is an excellent option.

The folding design of this dog tub or pool makes it perfect to just stuff into a small bag and hit the road. Inflation is a snap, and the construction is solid. You may want to bring a tarp to place under it if you plan on setting it up on rough terrain for a little extra protection from possible punctures.

There is a drain on the side of the tub to make it easy to empty. It comes in two sizes and the extra-large is big enough to accommodate most breeds.


  • Folds down to a very small size to take anywhere.
  • Drain plug for quick water changes.
  • Durable construction.
  • Large enough for most canine breeds.
  • Doubles as a doggie pool that your pup can get in and out of on their own.


  • Requires inflating.
  • Shallower than other canine tubs.
  • Requires an additional tarp for use on rough terrain.

Flying Pig Portable Bath Tub

Whether you want to give your pup a bath outside, or inside without bending over, this dog bathing tub is perfect for the job.

The legs for this stand are narrow enough to fit right inside most tubs, so you can take advantage of your shower nozzle without having to crouch in uncomfortable positions to reach your pup.

Or, the drain system comes with an optional flexible drain tube so that you can set this bath tub up outside of the tub for 360° easy access to your pup while bathing.

The hard-plastic construction is durable and it can accommodate up to 150 pounds (although dimensions of 37.5"L x 19.5"W x 35.5"H may be too small for large breeds). You will need to assemble this tub, but it goes together and comes apart easily for storage and travel.


  • Rated for canines up to 150 pounds.
  • Comes in three colors.
  • Breaks down for travel.
  • Fits into most standard bath tubs for convenience.
  • Elevation is perfect for bend-free free baths.
  • O-Ring for securing your dog inside.


  • Dimensions are a bit too small to accommodate large and giant breeds.
  • Assembly required.
  • You will have to lift your dog in and out of this tub.

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-Large

If you have a large canine, this dog bathing tub is likely your best bet. This washing station can accommodate dogs up to 175 pounds with dimensions of 50" x 21.25" x 15" for large pups (smaller sizes are available too!).

A special nozzle flattens the water stream and lets you adjust the water volume for your dog’s comfort levels. Caddies on the side are convenient for keeping the shampoo in easy reach. Flexible drain pipe makes it easy to set this up for inside use as well.

Safety features on this model are the best we found. It has nonskid bottom which will give your pup confidence in the tub since they won’t be slipping around. It also includes a three-point adjustable harness system to keep your dog safely put so you can have your hands free to focus on bathing.

If you have a large breed, consider the combo selection which includes a handy set of stairs for your dog to easily get in and out without any lifting.


  • Several sizes, including extra-large which is big enough for very large K9s.
  • Many safety features to help your pup feel secure.
  • No more bending over and full 360°access.
  • Thoughtful features like a shampoo caddy and adjustable flow nozzle included.
  • Doggy stair system gets large dogs in the tub without any lifting.


  • Pricier than some other models.
  • Large and bulky. You will need a dedicated space to store this tub.

Mustee 28CF Combo Utility Tub

Many breeds require frequent bathing and primping to keep their coats in top condition. Show dogs and pampered pups need enough time in the tub that you may be considering a dedicated installed dog bath. If that is the case, we recommend the Mustee.

Sturdy construction with a durable polypropylene basin and heavy gauge adjustable steel legs gives this tub a long life. The faucet includes a 24” flexible pull out nozzle for the ultimate in water control. Consider pairing with this fancy shower nozzle made just for canines.

The dimensions are 24W" x 40L" which will accommodate most large breeds.

You will need to have this canine bath tub professionally installed. An advantage to this option is that you will find plenty of uses for this large utility sink including gardening, canning and craft projects.


  • Sturdy construction and large dimensions to safely accommodate larger breeds.
  • Long flexible pull out nozzle to get every spot on your dog easily.
  • No more bending and crouching to get your pup clean.
  • Deep sided basin will keep the mess to a minimum.


  • Getting large breeds in this tub will require lifting.
  • Requires professional installation.
  • You may want to add skid free pads to help your pup feel secure.

Pet Gear Pup-Tub

If you have a small dog then you may not want to spend money or space on the larger canine bath tubs. This tub is perfect for canines up to 20 pounds. Set it up next to or above your kitchen sink and use the spray nozzle for no-bend washing.

This bath tub has a rubberized floor that will keep your dog from slipping around. There are also two tethers included with this tub so that you can make sure your little guy doesn’t try to make a break for it. The bottom has rubber grip pads so it won’t move, adding safety.

There are storage trays for your shampoos which add convenience and a quick drain in the bottom for easy emptying.


  • Perfect for small breeds without taking up much space.
  • Very inexpensive option.
  • No installation or assembly required.
  • Light weight and easy to move around.
  • Nonskid surfaces and safety tethers included.


  • This bath tub will only work for small dogs.
  • You will need some counter space near the kitchen sink to use this bath tub.

Review and Ranking.

In order to help you pick which tub is right for you, we have ranked the best choice according to some deciding factors that you might be most interested in.

Cheapest: Pet Gear Pup-Tub

If you have a small breed, there may not be any reason to go any fancier than this simple design which will work for most people with toy breeds. You will need a little counter space to make this option work, but it is the best bargain for the thrifty shopper.

Best Value: Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-Large

In terms of bang-for-your-buck, we think the Booster line of dog baths is the best choice. A ton of great safety features, durable construction, and the ability to accommodate large breeds gives it the edge. The design is well thought out, and although it is a little pricey, it will serve your needs well for years to come.

Top of the Line: Mustee 28CF Combo Utility Tub

If you spend a lot of time washing your pups, or have a multiple dog household, you may be ready to invest in a top of the line model. This large baths installs right in your home and it will always be there when you need it - no worries about getting it out of storage or setting it up.

Plus, this tub will serve you well for all the things that a large utility sink comes in handy for. If you are an avid gardener or like to do messy projects, this investment will serve all of those needs.

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