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Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters | They Can’t Get Enough!

At WileyPup, we want to provide helpful guides for every scenario you may be facing with your pup.We’re gonna dive into what to do about that picky eater of yours! Quick Navigation When to Worry About Your Picky EaterTips for Fussy EatersBest Dog Food For Picky EatersOther Articles of Interest If your pooch keeps turning […]

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Zignature Dog Food Review | An Action Packed Guide

At WileyPup, we want you to have all of the information you need to make informed decisions about what you feed your beloved pet.This review includes both summary and detailed information on the Zignature line of kibble and canned dog food.  Quick Navigation Zignature Dog Food in a NutshellThings to Consider Before Buying Zignature Dog […]

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Pure Balance Dog Food Review | An Action Packed Guide

Did you know?Pure Balance is Walmart’s premiere brand of dog food. This may give some folks a little pause…after all…Walmart is not always known for great quality.However, we did the research on this brand and have found it to be well formulated and responsibly manufactured. It gets high marks for taste too – even picky […]

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Best High Fiber Dog Food | Keep Their Mind & Body Firing

Let’s kick this one off talking about a popular dinner time topic, poo, constipation and a few more! Then we’ll get in into the good stuff on best high fiber dog food.Does your dog have digestive problems like loose stools or constipation? Perhaps you are working to get their weight down? Or, maybe you have […]

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Grain Free Puppy Food | Sensitive Dogs

If your puppy is showing signs of a food intolerance or allergy, then you are probably searching for answers to find meals that will help them feel better and more vibrant. Although grain allergies are not the most common food allergen for dogs, they can be present.Some owners are also interested in finding higher quality […]

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Sensitive Stomach Dog Food | Canine Health

If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach then you know the frustration and heartache of trying to find foods that will give them relief from their symptoms. We know you want the best for your dog with special dietary needs, both in terms of taste and nutrition. Quick Navigation Allergies & Food SensitivitiesAllergy & Food Sensitivity […]

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Can Dogs Eat Beans? Safe Eating Advice

Beans can be a healthy snack or supplement for your dog’s diet, however, there are some important safety precautions to understand before feeding your dog any of the varieties.This article we will explore dangers to avoid with feeding your dog beans, tips for feeding them right way, the nutritional value, and some thoughts on the […]

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Can Dogs Eat Rib Bones? Essential Safety Info

Can dogs eat rib bones?Short answer: No.Long answer: It’s complicated.Bones and dogs are one of those issues where veterinarians often disagree. Some argue they are safe under certain conditions, others argue they are just not worth the potential downsides since the nutritional needs they satisfy are met with commercial canine food and approved safe chew […]

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Can Dogs Eat Olives? Safe Eating Advice

We know that olives in moderation are great for humans… but can dogs eat olives?Fresh olives are fine for canines in small quantities. Make sure you take the pit out first though, especially if you have a little dog. The pits are a choking hazard and contain toxins.Pickled and brined variations, whether green or black, […]

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